Paris Photo Workshop 2020

Announcing Paris Photo Workshop Fall 2020

Dates for Fall 2020 - Specific Dates to be announced

Spend 10 days in the city of lights.Get to know this beautiful city through guided walking tours with experienced photographer Gina White. Tuition includes tours off the beaten path to find hidden photographic treasures, & photographic coaching.

Students are responsible for airfare, transportation, meals, hotel, and incidentals. If you need advice, suggestions on places to stay, or have questions or would like to get updates please leave me a message or email me at 
7 students to run. Deposit required

Deposit Due no later than TBA (April 2020)
Balance Tuition due no later than TBA (TBA 2020)
Cancellation deadline July 1st. Deposit non-refundable after that date.

Tuition $850 - Pay Full Tuition - click below

Methods in Alt PRocess I & II

Starting Fall 2019 I will be teaching Methods In Alt Process I & II. Methods I focuses on learning how to create digital negatives - aka negatives printed from digital files that can then be printed in a a selection of analog processes. The best of both worlds. For Methods I we will focus on calibrating to printing on silver gelatin papers.

Methods II is a continuation of the Methods In Alt Process track taught at the Photographic Center NW by Daniel Gregory and I. In this second 10 week class we use the digital negative skills learned in Methods In Alt Process I class and apply them to 3 historic processes - Cyanotype, VanDyke, & Kallitype. Each process starts with handcoating suitable papers with light sensitive chemisty that is then dried and then exposed through a digital negative to uv light. Then processed to reveal a fully developed image. These processes were developed at the very beginnings of photography. Combining them with digital negatives, we connect the past with the present. Note there are prerquisites for this class. Click the link below for info.

Photopolymer Gravure

I am very excited to announce I am in the process of developing my skills in this beautiful process. An update on the photogravure process, it uses metal plates coated in a photosensitive polymer. The plates are first exposed through an aquatint screen to make more smooth even tones in the image to be created. Then the plate is exposed through a digital positive of an image. The plate is then process with plain old water to remove any polymer not hardened by the light. The plate is then dried fully and place under a uv light one more time to fully hardent the polymer. Now the really exciting part, the plate is inked with softened etching ink and put through an etching press with a dampened piece of paper (usually) and the ink from the plate is transfered to the paper making a photopolymer gravure print. The detail an depth of these prints is exquisite to say the least. I hope to have a class developed and ready to go with in the year. Stay tuned.